Cordless Pruning Shears 30mm Branch Cutter With 2 Batteries


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About this item

Cordless Gardening tool going to make your work much fast and easy.

The Cordless Pruning Shears is powered by two 21V batteries giving this unit high cutting performance and smooth cutting similar to that of a hand pruner. The Cordless Pruning Shears is able to cut more vine branches than any competitor on the market - with TWO 21V 2.0Ah batteries it can cut up to 71,000 branches before charging.

With its extra sharp forged blade made in Swiss quality, you will always get a smooth clean cut thanks to the special material used for the blades of pruning scissors. The Cordless Pruning Shears is designed to suit the needs of tradespeople working on vineyards, public spaces, orchards, nurseries, and gardens


  • The blade can be interlocked with the trigger, providing a smooth blade movement similar to that of a hand pruner.
  • Smooth and fine cutting thanks to the upper blade specifically formed for less cutting resistance, sharp edges, and higher blade strength obtained by using a special material for pruning scissors.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip.
  • The lightweight design of only 1kg for the shears.
  • Blade opening is adjustable in 4 stages according to branch sizes.
  • Half-open for cutting slender branches can increase work efficiency and run-time performance.
  • High cutting speed provides smooth operation without any stress.
  • Slim body makes this highly maneuverable for use in tight spaces, includes a finger guard.
  • A comfortable backpack harness is compact and maneuverable for use in tight spaces.

Cordless Pruning Shears - 30MM Branch Cutter - 21V - 2 Battery Pack

Safe Trigger

this cordless pruner has a safety cutting mode, when your finger or body touches the blade, it will automatically stop.


Cordless pruning shear
    •    Cutting Range: 10-30MM
    •    Rated Voltage: DC 21V
    •    Rated power: 600W
    •    Weight: 1Kg
Battery lithium
    •    Capacity: 2.0Ah
    •    Voltage: 21V
    •    Working Time: 2-3 hours for single Battery, 4-6 hours for double Battery
    •    Weight: 0.30kg
One Charger
    •    Rated Voltage: AC 110V-240V
    •    Output Voltage: DC 21V
    •    Charging Current: 1.0A
    •    Charging Time: 1-1.25h

Cordless Pruning Shears - 30MM Branch Cutter - 21V - 2 Battery Pack

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