Tableware Dinnerware Set Of 48 Pieces Kitchen Ceramic Dinner Set


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Tableware Dinnerware Set Of 48-Piece

48-Piece Kitchen Ceramic Dinner Set

dedicated to providing high-quality porcelain dinner service set in everyday life. Combined with the classic coupe shape, a wide range of patterns has been developed by a team of designers. Not only visually beautiful, but the exquisitely processed dinner service is also suitable for use with microwaves and dishwashers. Enjoy meeting and dining with your families and friends. Let it enrich your table and make the recipient happy!

Type: 48-Piece Set
Origin: China
Material: Porcelain
Color: Ivory White
Pattern: Brown Line


Name L x W x H Weight
9.75" Dinner Plate 24.7*24.7*2.2cm 660g
7.5" Dessert Plate 19.2*19.2*2cm 361g
8.5" Soup Plate 21.5*21.5*3.8cm 431g/180ml
6.7" Bowl 17*17*5cm 300g/440ml

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