Touch Sensitive Modular Lighting


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About this item

Touch Sensitive Modular Lighting is a creative Geometric assembly night light that allows one to decorate your house, apartment, or office while also having a light. Modular Touch Lights use modular touch-sensitive technology so you can easily turn on the light with the palm of your hand. 


  • Geometric Shape: One of a kind hexagonal-shaped designed that brings uniqueness to life. Don’t only use this for lighting, use it as a decoration.
  • Energy Saving & Environmental Protection: Unlike other lamps, this one does not raise the electric bill.
  • Mobile: This literally can be placed anywhere with electricity! Place it in your room, hotel,  dining room, study room, kitchen, etc.
  • Split & Join Expansion: Each side can be sliced easily with your creative ideas, can be grouped into thousands of different models.
Touch Sensitive Modular Lighting

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How Does It Work?

Each and every LED tile can be connected together by magnets. Attach them to one another in patterns or pull them apart and rearrange them into a whole new design. Have your lights up on the wall and working within minutes.

You decide the level of brightness. Whether you need a lot of light, for reading, or a little less, for a more relaxed mood, these lights have you covered. Each tile can be turned off and on, individually, so you control how bright or dim you want the room.

Each tile features a touch sensor that detects when you come in contact with it! The proximity sensor allows you to touch the lights with any part of your body to turn them off and on.

These LED lights are Eco-friendly. They don’t need much power to run, which means they’re better for the environment, so you don’t have to feel guilty for using them.

You choose how you want to hang them! We provide two different options. There are holes in place, in the back of each light, or you can use the sticky pads that are included with your order.

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